It may be the time of year for buying gifts, but even if you are not shopping for jewelry, a trip to the Yvel Factory will warm your heart!


Driving on Route 1 toward Jerusalem, you may see a building near the Motza Junction called Yvel and wonder what is inside. Well, wonder no more – we will tell you its amazing secrets! This building, once a winery, is now a showcase for stunning luxury jewelry and for the ultimate Israeli philanthropy project.


Jewelry designers Orna and Isaac Levy established Yvel (which spells Levy backwards) in 1986 with the goal of helping immigrants to find work. 90% of their employees are new immigrants from all over the world. Specifically, they decided to set up the Megemeria School of Jewelry and Art to train and employ Ethiopian Jewish immigrants.


Every year, a new group of immigrants joins the school and learns the skills of jewelry design and metalwork. They receive a monthly stipend during their training, and when they join the Yvel factory team they earn money by making jewelry for the factory store.


When you visit the Yvel factory, you can see them creating beautiful jewelry using different metals and precious stones. In the beautiful showrooms, located in the former wine cellars, you can see stunning creations designed by Orna and Isaac Levy, which have graced the necks of celebrities around the globe and won countless prizes in jewelry competitions. Whatever your budget, you will find beautiful jewelry at Yvel to give as gifts or to buy for yourself.


The Yvel visitor experience includes a traditional Ethiopian “Buna” coffee ceremony in the only Ethiopian village in Israel. Yvel’s employees have built a replica Jewish Ethiopian village inside the factory, with real artefacts that they and their community brought with them to Israel. Hear the amazing story of the Ethiopian Aliyah to Israel since 1992, and learn about their fascinating culture. Some of their traditional designs are now included in their modern jewelry designs. When you buy pieces from the Megamaria Jewelry Collection, you know you are supporting a truly philanthropic project.


Talk to Shatour Israel Experience about scheduling a stop at the Yvel Jewelry Factory and Visitor Center during your next visit to Israel.

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