The weather in Israel during the winter is unpredictable, with warm sunny spells and period of heavy rain, but you can guarantee a warm welcome at many winter fun spots across Israel. Here are Shatour’s top 6 recommendations for winter fun in Israel.

  1. The Dead Sea is one of the warmest places in Israel and it is usually possible to float in the salty sea and bathe in the natural thermal pools all year round. Just check before setting out that the roads are not closed, as heavy rainfall can result in flooding. 
  2. Mount Hermon ascends to a height of 9,230 feet above sea level and is snow-capped for much of the year. When sufficient snow falls in Northern Israel, the ski resort at the top of the Hermon is opened to the public, with ski-lifts and slopes to suit intermediate and advanced skiers, plus options for snow-tubing and sledding.
  3. The Jordan Valley is hot throughout the year, making the winter months the ideal season for exploring fascinating sites like the Beit She’an Valley, one of the 10 hottest places on earth. The Beit She’an National Park showcases the reconstructed ruins of a Roman town that was destroyed by an earthquake in 749 CE, and you can see the town come back to life with the She’an Nights multimedia show.
  4. Hamat Gader, near the Sea of Galilee, offers the natural warmth of thermo-mineral springs and spa facilities. You can also explore the tropical parkland and visit the crocodiles, alligators and other reptiles that live in this warm environment all year round.
  5. Indoor Sports are great for families that want to burn off excess energy on wet days in a variety of indoor sporting facilities, from bowling to climbing walls to artificial skating rinks and trampoline centers.
  6. Shopping Malls throughout Israel offer an excellent respite in poor weather, with a wide choice of stores, restaurants and cafes. At the end of the financial year there are usually excellent bargains to be snapped up.

If you are contemplating a winter break in Israel, talk to Shatour about planning a flexible itinerary to accommodate unpredictable weather and make the most of the wintery days

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