Getting married in Israel can be symbolic and romantic. For Jewish people all over the world, celebrating a new couple in the Jewish state symbolizes the continuity of the worldwide Jewish family. Also, it’s a great way to unite families from different countries in a mutually convenient location!


There are amazing locations in which you can hold your ceremony, and a plethora of wedding halls and hotels where you can host the nuptials of your dreams. Imagine your wedding on a balcony overlooking the sea, in a garden next to the Old City of Jerusalem, in a forest glade, at the edge of the desert, or in a winery.


If you are looking for something really different, you can hold your wedding inside a cave or a Roman amphitheater, next to Masada or the Dead Sea, or on a boat on the Sea of Galilee. Anything is possible here – Israel is the country that makes the impossible happen!


Israel’s rich history and holy sites make it particularly appropriate for a couple who want to make their vows in a meaningful place. There are wedding halls overlooking the Western Wall, the site of Jewish hopes and prayers for many centuries, and many beautiful synagogues that you can rent for your special day. Another lovely tradition is to stand together under the marriage canopy under the sky, and 9 times out of 10 the weather in Israel is conducive to outdoor weddings.


All weddings in Israel must be authorized by a recognized religious authority as there is no facility for civil marriage. It’s a good idea to hire a wedding planner to help take care of the bureaucracy involved, and also to negotiate the best prices for everything you need. There are hundreds of options for musicians, flower arrangements, make-up and hairdressers, catering and transportation, and a local expert who understands your taste can make the decision-making process much easier. 


Shatour Israel helps groups who come to Israel for family weddings to make the most of their visit. We can organize your transportation and accommodation, and also provide a full program of activities and tours for participants of all ages, on the days before and after the celebration.


If you are planning to come to Israel to get married, talk to us about making your wedding in Israel a really memorable and special occasion for your entire family. Mazal Tov!

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