Northern Israel may not always have a great deal of water, but it has a wealth of water sports!


While the Mediterranean coastal towns are best known for their sailing, surfing, wind-surfing and other watersports, the North of Israel has some of its own unique water activities to enjoy, particularly during the long hot summer months.


Tiberius, or Tiveria, sits on the Sea of Galilee – really a large lake measuring about 13 miles long and 8 miles wide. Depending on the depth of the water in the lake, based on the quantity of rainfall and the time of year, you can enjoy a range of water-sports.


You can hire a motorboat to drive yourself, or book a water-skiing adventure across the Sea of Galilee – not quite walking on water, but almost! Another Tiberius specialty is the Banana Boat ride – an inflatable raft pulled by a motor boat that both adults and children can cling onto for a thrilling water ride. There are private and public beaches around the Sea of Galilee where you can try other water sports, such as stand-up paddle-boarding, tubing and wake boarding.


AquaKef is Israel’s favorite floating water park, located on the Ganim Beach of the Sea of Galilee, has different activities for children and adults. The park facilities include trampolines, domes, springs, obstacle bridges, ladders, climbing wall, swings, monkey bars, and a water playground designed for volleyball, water ball, or relay races. Talk to Shatour about cooling off at AquaKef to enjoy some adrenalin-fueled water rides and give everyone a break from touring.


Running through the Golan and Galilee regions and into the Sea of Galilee, the River Jordan is a very small river by international standards, but it is Israel’s largest natural waterway. Its incline makes it perfect for family-friendly rafting and kayaking, and there are a number of spots in the Galilee where you can enjoy a pleasant ride. The speed of the water depends on the season – it flows fastest in the spring when the ice-melt is flowing in from Mount Hermon and the Golan Heights, and usually by late summer the river flow is much slower.


Our favorite spot for family rafting activities is Kfar Blum, which offers hour-long scenic kayak and raft rides along the Hatzbani stream and into the Jordan River, surrounded by nature, with a few small water rapids along the way. Anyone above the age of 5 can participate, paddling a kayak for two or a raft for up to six people, and you can get out and swim in the river wherever you like. During the summer months this can be a really Israeli family experience – a little like driving on Israel’s busy roads!


For real adrenalin junkies, there is a part of the Jordan River known as the mountainous river where the terrain and water levels are unsuitable for large rafts. There are companies that will take you for extreme water adventures down this part of the river using solo rafts that you can carry on your back when the river is impassable.


Whether you are looking for a relaxing way to cool off or a thrilling ride, Northern Israel has a diverse range of water sports activities. Talk to Shatour about incorporating some water fun in your tour of Northern Israel.

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