The latest trend in the travel industry is the evolution of travel agents into “travel designers” –  but that’s what Shatour Israel has been doing for 40 years!


According to Travel Weekly magazine in November, travel agencies are being replaced by travel designers. Vogue Magazine explains that travel designers create “trips for travelers, not tourists”.


But that’s not news for Shatour CEO Nathan Shapiro. “Shatour Israel Experience has always been about much more than booking hotels and tour guides”, he says. “We understand that when our clients visit Israel they are looking for an amazing lifestyle experience organized by experts and guaranteeing all-around excellence.”


The first job of a “travel designer” is to ask questions. “We always spend time listening to our clients and understanding their requirements and their expectations”, explains Shapiro. “We’re available throughout the planning process to answer the clients’ questions and to check that we are getting the right balance in the scheduling. All of our clients receive tailor-made itineraries and personal service during their entire trip. Excellence is our standard level of service!”


As bespoke travel agents, Shatour Israel Experience offers personalized travel packages to meet the individual needs of each traveler. The Shatour family comprises Nathan, Hannah, Zivit and Lior Shapiro and an experienced team of expert logistics staff and tour guides. For over 40 years they have been organizing bespoke Israel tours to families, groups and individual travelers from all over the world. Jewish and Christian, young and old, upscale or adventurous – they cater for every type of visitor by customizing every aspect of their visit.


If other travel agents are now waking up to the fact that every traveler deserves individual attention, they are way behind expert travel companies like Shatour, who have been offering this for decades already!


Says Nathan Shapiro: “If you want to call us Travel Designers, that’s fine with me! We’ll just keep providing our clients with the excellent level of service that we have always delivered.”

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