Graffiti art has become a major feature of Tel Aviv in recent years, and exploring Tel Aviv street art is a great way to enjoy and understand this most vibrant of cities.


Graffiti used to be regarded as an eyesore, until some very talented street artists started to work with spray paint in public areas and created urban art. Along with Berlin, London and New York, today Tel Aviv is seen as one of the world’s top locations for street art.


Tour companies have started to offer tours of Tel Aviv’s graffiti that explain the stories behind the paintings. It’s a great way to look at Israel’s multi-colored society from a new angle and understand the messages that people are writing on the walls. Some of the artists are expressing their personal stories through their graffiti, and decoding their art can be as informative as any art gallery.


Some Israeli street artists have become famous and it’s fun to spot their work around the city and identify their different styles and signatures. Many of their artworks have secret meanings that your tour guide will explain, often offering a social commentary on events in Israel and around the world. You can also learn about the techniques used to create the artwork and participate in a workshop to try them for yourself.


Strolling through the streets of Tel Aviv is always a multi-sensory experience, so a Graffiti tour is a great way to spend half a day, exploring the city’s back streets and discovering amazing examples of street art. At the same time, you can take in the sounds and smells of the city, visit the markets and boutique stores, and soak up the atmosphere of this multi-faceted city.


One of Shatour’s expert tour guides, Khen Rom, lives in Tel Aviv and enjoys showing visitors the amazing graffiti art that decorates his city. “It’s like a treasure hunt – it’s always fascinating to see what people think of different works of art, and to discuss the messages that the artist was trying to convey. Families with teenage kids always enjoy our graffiti tours, but they are recommended for people of all ages, so long as they don’t mind walking!”


Pictured above: Shatour Tour Guide Khen Rom with Stephanie Rosen and her son Ariel from Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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