If you love shopping, then Tel Aviv is the city for you! Israel’s fashion capital and style leader, the city is packed with innovative designer stores, second-hand shops, and high-end shopping centers.


The highest of high fashion is located in Tel Aviv’s iconic Kikar HaMedina – the most expensive of Israel’s city squares. The leading international boutiques can be found here, together with Israel’s top designers.


For a more cutting-edge vibe, head to Shenkin Street in the city center, which is headquarters of Israel’s fashion industry.  This small street is packed with boutiques selling affordable fashion and premium international brands, but if you enjoy hunting for bargains and individual pieces, you will also find exciting new Israeli labels here alongside the well-known names.


The main address for international fashion stores in Israel is the TLV Fashion Mall on HaHashmonaim Street. It is packed with luxury brands, from Dior to Ronen Chen, and from Adidas, Lacoste and Hugo Boss to Israel’s latest hot names. The mall is also known for its events, food markets and concerts.


The tallest mall in Israel is the Azrieli Mall – flagship of the national Azrieli shopping centers chain. It occupies the cylindrical tower of the group of three iconic skyscrapers near HaShalom Rail Station and the Ayalon Highway. On the 49th floor of the building the indoor viewing platform  offers the spectacular views of Tel Aviv. Below it are three floors of shops  – enough to shop ‘til you drop! If you need to refuel during your spree, there are over thirty restaurants in the Mall, as well as an eight-screen cinema


In central Tel Aviv, the iconic go-to mall is the Dizengoff Center. Built in the 1950s, it is a frustrating and confusing building but a great place to lose yourself in retail therapy! There are 420 stores on five floors, with a rooftop swimming pool, children’s playground and two cinemas to escape to. In the walkway between the two buildings you can find pop-up designer stores, and on Thursdays and Fridays there is a great food market selling home-made delicacies from around the world.


Our favorite Tel Aviv store for women’s fashions is Cala Shenkin, which sells affordable Israeli designer and vintage clothing. It has branches on Shenkin Street and in the Dizengoff and Azrieli Malls, featuring unique and beautiful pieces at surprisingly good prices.


Tel Aviv is known for its uniquely broad range of shopping experiences, from local designers to international brands, and from avant-garde fashion to street markets. Whether you are traveling alone or in a group, Shatour can recommend the best shopping destinations for people of all ages and tastes, or find you a cosy café to wait for the others in your group while they melt their plastic!

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