Let go and experience the excitement of rappelling in Israel! Enjoy a fantastic rush of adrenaline as you explore Israel’s dramatic rocky landscapes.


Rappelling or abseiling is one of the many ‘extreme sports’ that you can do with Shatour in Israel. It involves descending from a high point to the ground using special ropes and harnesses, and it is completely safe! (Abseiling is the German word and Rappelling is the French name for the same sport.)


There are many thrilling caves and cliffs with breath-taking panoramic views just waiting to be explored. When you challenge yourself to step off the cliff, wearing your harness and with expert instructors advising you, of course, you will discover new strengths and confidence that you may not have realized you have.


No matter your age or your level of fitness, you can enjoy abseiling in Israel as part of your action-packed Israel tour. We work with the most professional companies and guides to ensure that your experience is safe and comfortable.

Locations for Abseiling in Israel

There are many awesome opportunities for rappelling all over Israel, from the Galilee to the Negev and many points in between. Some are easy to incorporate into a day of historic touring, taking you off the beaten track and into a natural wilderness. For example, the Zanoach Cliff is located in the forest near Bet Shemesh, and Nachal Qumran is near the Dead Sea. You can even abseil right outside the Old City of Jerusalem, where there are exciting rock climbing and rappelling routs for different skill levels in the pastoral setting of the Ben Hinom Valley, once known as Gehinom.


The historic man-made caves of Maarat Nikavot, near Emek HaElah, are where the Jews hid during the Bar Kochba rebellion – abseiling into them today brings that history to life as you see the traps that the rebels laid for their Roman pursuers.


If you are an experienced climber looking for an extreme hiking and rappelling challenge, we recommend Nachal Tamarim near the Dead Sea, where there are deep canyons and high dry waterfalls to explore. If your group includes younger or older people or those who have not tried rappelling before, we recommend the Yonim Cliffs in the North, where a short hike and a short descent into an exciting cave can be enjoyed by all ages. There are opportunities there for assisted rock climbing, where everyone can climb to the height where they feel comfortable, and get assistance in returning to the ground.


Whatever your level of experience and whoever you are traveling with, Shatour Israel Experience can help to select the right rappelling activity for your group. Talk to us today and we will guide you through the experience of a lifetime!