The City of Jerusalem will celebrate the diverse religious music of its different religious groups in the Sounds of the Old City Festival of International Music in March 2018.


The Old City of Jerusalem is a multi-cultural religious hub that is holy to the world’s three main religion and echoes with the sounds of their traditional music. From 12-15 March, the streets of the Old City will come to life with the “Sounds of the Old City Festival of International Music”. This annual event showcases the various musical traditions found in the Old City of Jerusalem, with groups of musicians from different cultures performing live in the ancient alleyways of the city.


The Sounds of the Old City Festival – now in its fifth year – has become a popular feature of the cultural calendar for native Israelis and visitors alike. It offers people of all backgrounds a glimpse into the Jerusalem’s diverse musical traditions. It brings together a rare mixture of professional musicians and ensembles to perform authentic music on central stages and in the streets of the Old City’s four Quarters. Each band and ensemble will play music unique to the Quarter and area in which they are performing, providing an exciting experience for visitors in the magical night-time atmosphere of the Old City.


The Festival is best enjoyed along a circular route starting from the Jaffa Gate, and weaving through the Armenian, Jewish, Muslim and Christian quarters – ending back  at the Jaffa Gate. An authentic Armenian celebration will be held in the Armenian Quarter, while traditional music from the Islamic world will be played in the Muslim Quarter, and the Christian Quarter will echo with the sounds of different liturgical works.


You can enjoy the experience of unity through religious music by joining the crowds of people strolling through the Old City streets and enjoying a rich and diverse festival of sounds.


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