Israel is a great country for kids to run around and burn off energy. Shatour knows how to keep kids happy in Israel by including energetic activities in our family touring schedules! Here are some suggestions for sports activities for active kids.

Sea and Surf Sports in Israel

Israel’s beaches are number one on the list for kids of all ages. Read our guide to Israel’s best beaches here. But if that gets boring, try a new spin on sea and sand: sand without sea! Sandboarding is a new boardsport offered at Dror BaMidbar in the Negev Desert. Children from age 2 and adults of all ages can enjoy sandboarding on different types of boards, either standing up or sitting down.  It’s like surfing or snowboarding – but different!


Watersports in Israel are increasingly popular. Try surfing, windsurfing or kite-surfing – attached to a parachute – in Tel Aviv, Netanya, Herzliya, Caesarea, Haifa or Beit Yannay. Israel’s world champions and Olympic medalists trained on the waves of the Mediterranean, and there are plenty of great clubs where you can learn how.

Climbing the Walls

If the kids are driving you up the wall, take a break from historic Jerusalem and let them climb its walls! Take the Snappling (a.k.a. rappelling) in the valley of Gei Ben Hinom next to the Old City walls or at the Jerusalem Tayelet. Children as young as 4 can participate, attached to a rock climbing expert.


The Jerusalem Ropes Course at Ammunition Hill combines well with a tour of this military history site. After hearing about Israel’s brave paratroopers, your little soldiers can climb the rope ladders and enjoy the sky swing and the Omega Zipline to demonstrate their own bravery! There is also an indoor climbing wall in Jerusalem with 750 meters of climbing tracks on the walls and ceilings. Why stay on the ground!


Once you catch the rappelling bug, there are many more exciting challenges to enjoy around Israel. Click here for more rappelling and abseiling opportunities.

Water Parks in Israel

Teddy FountainYes, it’s often hot, so water is a great way to cool off. Next to the Old City in Jerusalem there is a splash park for kids called Teddy Kolek Park, where kids can run through the fountains. Ask your guide to check the timetable for the daytime fountain shows with water – usually every 2 hours for 5 minutes – and the evening fountain shows with lights, music and water.


If you are touring in the North of Israel where water is more plentiful, you have a choice of water parks – some older more basic, and some newer and more exciting. Our favorite is AquaKef, a fabulous floating water park on the Sea of Galilee. With extreme water sports for older kids and inflatable slides for younger children, there is plenty of splashing fun here for all the family.