Israel is an exciting and accessible country for cyclists to explore, and spring is the best season for a Mediterranean cycling holiday or Israel biking tour.


Israel has 1,700 cycle trails, including the Israeli National Cycle Trail that runs from Metulla in the north to Eilat at the southern tip of the country. Depending on your stamina and interests, you can choose challenging routes through dry deserts in the South, mountainous Northern forest landscapes, pleasant Mediterranean coastal routes, or city tours around historical and religious sites.


Cycling in Israel is a great way to explore the country, and many of its cities are bike-friendly. You can borrow bikes from rental stores or bring your own, and you can take your bikes on inter-city buses and trains in Israel for free. In Tel Aviv there is a public bicycle rental service and great cycle lanes throughout the city and along the sea front. In Jerusalem you can hire bikes for a few hours to explore the old train tracks heading out into the hills.


Spring (March–May) is the best season for biking in Israel because the temperatures are pleasant and the scenery stunning. Enjoy cycling past hills peppered with spring flowers, following the recently replenished streams, and alongside the vivid green meadows as nature restarts its cycle.

International Cycling Races in Israel

Spring 2018 will see cycling fever breaking out in Israel. First the Italian-style GranFondo Global Cycling Marathon series GFNY Jerusalem will take place on April 27, with professional road races in and around Jerusalem. Then the famous Giro d’Italia cycling race – one of cycling’s top three grand tours – will take place in Israel for the first time on May 4. The Big Start will involve 176 of the world’s top cyclists who will set off around the Old City of Jerusalem. Over the next three weeks they will progress through various stages between Haifa, Tel Aviv, Beer Sheva and Eilat.


If you are looking for a slower paced tour of the country, we can recommend cycling along the Mediterranean west coast from Tel Aviv to Haifa. Along the way you can stop and see the Roman remains at Caesarea, and once you reach Haifa port we recommend a visit to the beautiful Bahai Gardens. For more challenging routes, head to the Rimon Crater in the Negev Desert, where there are many scenic trails around the edge and across the middle of this huge natural feature.


To explore the historic city of Jerusalem and the surrounding Judean Mountains, there is a 40 kilometer cycling trail around the city periphery. Alternatively, head east to the Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth, with salt pans and stunning views. Depending on how much energy you have, you can decide whether to climb up to the flat-topped Masada mountain fortress using the cycle track, the hiking trail or the cable car!


Wherever you decide to cycle in Israel, the country is usually packed with visitors and tour groups, so we recommend organizing your accommodation in advance. Our team of experts at Shatour Israel would be happy to help you with planning and booking your biking tour of Israel. Contact us today.


Photo credit: עמוס גיל גן-שמואל