Sarona is the old-new district in central Tel Aviv that brings European food and recreation to the Middle East. Tel Aviv is the city that never sleeps, but in Sarona it relaxes a little!


Just when you think you know Israel, you find a place that shatters all the stereotypes and surprises you all over again! Sarona is such a place – a serene cultural oasis in the heart of Tel Aviv. Nestling between the skyscrapers and highways is a historic neighborhood that has been revitalized in recent years with parks, cafes, nature and food.


Once home to the German Christian Templar pilgrims, the historic homes of the Sarona district have been renovated to house boutiques, restaurants and cafes, surrounded by lawns and lakes. By day and by night, Sarona attracts an international crowd of visitors who come to relax and enjoy Israel’s culinary delights. In this European oasis you can enjoy fine chocolates, upscale restaurants, wine bars and whisky tasting centers, or head to the Market and put together your own picnic to enjoy together on the grass between the historic buildings.


The Sarona indoor culinary market had a different ambience from Israel’s other covered markets. It brings together gourmet delicacies from local producers and from around the world in a festival of gourmet food. It’s a foodie heaven, with kitchen counter restaurants where you can watch your food being prepared, and taste experimental new flavors of beer, bread, halva, and hummus.


Shatour Israel organizes culinary tours of the best markets in Israel, and Sarona has become a favorite stop on our gourmet grand tour. Nowhere is the melting pot of international flavors more accessible than in Sarona. Let our top chefs show you the best ingredients that Tel Aviv has to offer, and then take you to our demonstration kitchen and show you how to transform those ingredients into a delicious meal.


Contact us today to arrange your culinary tour of Israel or to plan your visit to Sarona Market.

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