Israel is a great place to try new sports, with experts on hand to teach you using the latest equipment. If you have always wanted to try surfing, Tel Aviv is the place to start.


With its long Mediterranean Coast, Israel offers a great choice of surfing schools, from Tel Aviv and Herzliya, to Netanya, Caesarea and Haifa. Among the most popular surfing beaches in Tel Aviv are the Hilton Beach, Maravi Beach, and Dolphinarium Beach, because of their ideal wave conditions.


Surf Point near Dolphin Beach offers a huge choice of water sport activities for all the family, in a safe and supported environment. From yachting and windsurfing to kayaking and diving, you can have the most fun in the Mediterranean Sea at this water-sports center. Beginners can take surfing courses suitable for their age, and more experienced surfers can rent all the necessary equipment and dive right in!


Legend has it that surfing was introduced to Israel in the 1950s by Dorian ‘Doc’ Paskowitz from California, who brought six surf boards and a vision that Israelis could also enjoy this all-American sport. It’s not clear whether he knew how perfect the coastline of Israel is for surfing, or if he just took a chance on his business idea. Either way, native Israelis jumped on board and have been surfing the waves successfully ever since!


Israel offers almost year-round surfing opportunities, but sometimes the waves are just too strong or the sea is infested with jelly fish, so it’s always good to check what’s happening along the coast. You can look online at websites like Magic SeaWeed to check conditions at 18 different sites along the Tel Aviv coast and 12 locations around the Bay of Haifa.


Surf experts will be able to advise you on the best locations to enjoy different exciting surfing experience, and Shatour Israel can help you plan the rest of your vacation in Israel, taking in the most exciting sites throughout this fascinating country.

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