If you know what “spelunking” is, we have some great adventures for you! But you don’t have to be an underground expert to enjoy caving in Israel. There are fascinating caves in Israel waiting to be explored by beginners and experts.


Caving in Israel is an exciting challenge. Within our tiny country there are caves carved out of limestone and lava, and some amazing natural salt caves that have to be seen to be believed! There are caves in Israel for all the family, and extreme caving adventures for experienced spelunkers only.

Going Underground in Israel

Deep inside the earth are living breathing environments that have survived for millennia. When you step into a cave, you can experience a completely different ecosystem, with changing water sources, different atmospheres, unique structures developed over time, and opportunities for new discoveries.


One of the most accessible examples of caves in Israel is the Sorek Stalagmite Caves, located within the Nachal Sorek nature reserve in the Judean Hills. When quarrying limestone near the city of Bet Shemesh, developers found a fascinating set of caves, including a vast cavern filled with the most amazing stalactites and stalagmites. This main cavern has artificial lighting to illuminate the stunning stone pillars. They were formed by centuries of water dripping through limestone and creating these impressive structures. The most famous features of the cavern are the grandfather and elephant ears column, the sculpture garden and the macaroni field. The caves are easily accessible for most age groups and offer an enjoyable adventure for anyone passing through Bet Shemesh.

Exploring Israel’s Salt Caves

For the more adventurous cavers, we recommend Extreme Salt Caving near the Dead Sea. Just like the unique salty sea that is found only in Israel, salt caves are an extremely rare geological phenomenon only found here and in Iran. They are not the same as salt mines, but naturally formed canyons deep underground in the Judean mountains, accessible only through narrow vertical shafts known as “chimneys”.


To explore Israel’s mysterious salt caves near the Dead Sea, you need an adventurous spirit and no problem with moving through confined spaces, but no previous caving experience is required. Accompanied by a professional and experienced guide, you will descend to the cave through an 80 meter long shaft, using professional abseiling equipment and techniques. Then you can crawl through the heart of the mountain into the spectacular salt cave, discovering sights and colors that can only be seen underground. Of course, the only way out is to climb back up the same access chimney – a worthy challenge for any climber!


You are guaranteed to be astonished and amazed by these unusual underground salt canyons in the bowels of the earth, and excited by the experience of abseiling down a giant chimney.

Caving Around Israel

Shatour can show you amazing caving experiences in the Golan and the Galilee, around Jerusalem and in the Judean desert, near the Dead Sea, and down south in the Negev. Depending on the members of your group, their age and agility, and any previous caving experience that you may have, we can design a challenging and enjoyable caving activity for you as part of your Israel tour. Talk to us today about exploring Israel’s fascinating caves and spelunking in Israel.

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