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Tel-Aviv Graffiti Tour

In recent years, Tel-Aviv has become Israel’s capital of urban art. Some street art critics even say that the city is the second hottest graffiti spot in the world after Berlin – overtaking London and New York!

In this tour, we explore the back-streets of Tel-Aviv to discover some of the latest, greatest and oldest examples of street art, graffiti & murals. Guided by a graffiti artist, you can find out much about Israeli society by looking at its graffiti with an expert. Personal stories of artists will be revealed – what makes them want to go out and spray art on the walls? We will reveal the secrets, meanings and techniques behind the artworks, including the wide range of opinions expressed by artists from the city’s social mosaic – secular, religious, leftist and right – all express their opinions on the wall.

After the tour, your group can participate in an optional workshop – a hands-on and cohesive experience that will give you a taste of street art creativity!

(Tour also available in Jerusalem)


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