On your way to or from Eilat, Park Timna is a fascinating place to visit. Near to the new Ilan & Asaf Ramon Airport, it is the best way to experience the stunning red mountains that surround Eilat.


Starting with the movie presentation at the Visitor’s Center, Park Timna demonstrates and explains the stunning natural phenomena and the history of the area. Over the centuries, different civilizations have exploited the copper mines here, and worshipped the different rock formations.


Driving around the park, or cycling on hired bikes if you prefer, you can see stunning sandstone pillars that have been sculpted into different shapes by the wind. King Solomon’s Pillars and the Canyon of Faces are spectacular examples, where the wind has carved mysterious faces into the pink rock.


Remnants of different ancient cultures can be seen here, including drawings of Egyptian battle chariots and rock engravings dating back 14 centuries before the Common Era. There is a temple dedicated to an Egyptian goddess, and a rock formation that resembles the mysterious Sphynx.


Another time travel feature is a full-scale reconstruction of the Tabernacle that accompanied the Israelites for their 40 years of wandering in the desert. The model has been carefully built using authentic materials to show how the altar, the menorah and the ark of the covenant would have looked. There are models wearing the priestly garments, recalling the Bible stories about Aaron and his sons who served in the Tabernacle.


Park Timna has a picturesque lake with activities for children of all ages, that also functions as an oasis for visiting migrating birds. The Park also attracts thousands of cyclists because it has perfect cycle tracks with stunning scenery and trails of different difficulty, for amateurs and professionals alike.


Every February, Park Timna hosts the Samarathon desert mountain bike marathon. There are also outdoor festivals during the summer for camping, yoga and music enthusiasts, and special events in August to watch the meteor showers and study the sky at night, in this perfect isolated location.


Talk to Shatour about including a guided tour of Park Timna in your Israel tour itinerary.


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