Khen Rom grew up in Ra’anana and loves traveling around Israel and meeting people from all over the world. After serving in the IDF’s Electronic Warfare unit, he studied Egyptology and Middle East Studies at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. His love of the Arabic language led to his second degree in Arabic Literature and Translation, but Khen discovered that he didn’t like working indoors at a desk. He loves the outdoors and getting to know people, so he decided to change direction and take the Israel Tourism Authority Tour Guide Course.


Khen loves leading groups around Israel and getting to know his customers so that he can tailor his guiding to suit their interests. He wants them to feel safe and comfortable, particularly when guiding people who are visiting the Middle East for the first time, and he helps them to piece together the history of the region as they explore Israel’s diverse sights. Khen’s favorite place in Israel is Tel Aviv, with Acco a close second. Both are colorful, multi-faceted cities, and he enjoys sharing their multi-cultural rainbow of flavors with visitors, showing them Israel in all its various aspects.