Thank you again Nathan & Hanna for all that you showed, told and gave to our family to make our trip an outstanding tour through Israel. We look forward to seeing you again.

Everything on the tour was either a lot of fun, very educational, very inspiring or all three. Our son described this as a trip that he and his family will remember for the rest of their lives. We went to every place that you recommended and we wanted to see, and your guide took us to other places that really added to the trip.

Thanks for putting together an absolutely amazing trip. We enjoyed every moment of it.

The grandchildren had the time of their lives. Every hour was a different adventure. They enjoyed going through the bunkers in the Golan Heights, going through the ammunition factory at Ayalon, and climbing on the tanks at Latrun. They enjoyed going in the water at the Dead Sea and the Gulf of Eilat. Actually I think they enjoyed everything!
Richard Newman

It was an extraordinary trip. You allowed us to see an Israel very few tourists are privileged to see. Under Nathan’s guidance we explored unbelievable archaeological sites, walked through the Old City floated in the Dead Sea, marveled at Masada (baths with no obvious way to obtain water? a dovecote? three years of survival!)

As I start to list sites I’m aware of all the places I’ve omitted. As I’m sure Nathan would readily admit, he could have taken us on a tour of Israel lasting years rather than days and never exhausted his repertoire – what an incredible font of knowledge, information and lore!

Kate Morrison, Chicago

It is a pleasure to wholeheartedly recommend Nathan as a guide and Shatour as the tour company. As many have attested, Nathan is a gem. Remarkably knowledgeable, warmly personable, known seemingly by every one in the country and accommodating to all of one’s needs. 

He arranged a culinary and wine tour that was delicious, educational and enabled us to meet fascinating players in the wonderful world of Israeli food. I highly recommend it for those with similar interests. 

Don’t miss spending time with Nathan – you’ll learn a lot. 

Harvey & Jan Schwartz

Hi Nathan and Hanna.

We liked our trip so much it’s kind of daunting to even figure out where to start. But here goes. First you guys did a great job of creating a custom trip in terms of schedule, sights, places to stay and eat that matched what our interests, budget and stamina was.

Beyond that, Nathan was just a terrific guide. Yes he explained the sights and the history in a deeply knowledgable way. But much more than that, he both taught and questioned and inspired us to think and discover for ourselves about the history, politics and often unanswerable questions about the region, its people, its opportunities and problems. One of my best teachers taught me that “History is Inquiry” and you (Nathan) are someone who really gets this himself and can inspire this in others, or at least he did in us. In fact the trip has been not so much like a week spent in Israel but more like a start of a learning process that has expanded how we think about many things and how we interact with information and people here. We also had fun! So five stars from us.
David & Angela Weiden

Dear Ariel,
Thank you for an amazing four days of touring. It was an incredible experience for our family.
It was a pleasure spending the last four days with you. Our family all thoroughly enjoyed the experience and we created memories for a lifetime. It’s no wonder people are so passionate about this country and its people.
Hopefully, we’ll see you in our next visit.
The Hakim family

“When celebrating Thanksgiving, it is our family’s tradition to go around the table before we eat and share what we are thankful for this year. Both Rick and I are grateful to have had the opportunity to visit Israel and to celebrate 30 years together in such a special way. We are also thankful that we were able to meet both of you. Our trip was perfect and we have you to thank. We learned and experienced so much…. the perfect blend of history, relaxation, fun, and sightseeing. We have a sincere appreciation for the beauty of the country, the spirit and the sacrifice of her people, and a better understanding of the relationships/conflicts in the region. It was an honor to spend time with someone who has actually met Ben Gurion and has been a part of building and serving a new nation.”

Hi Nathan and Hannah-
We just wanted to say thank you for our wonderful time in Israel. From the moment we got off the plane, to the moment we left we felt well taken care of in every aspect. This is a once in a lifetime trip and we are so happy that we had you to make this experience so special. We learned much more than we ever thought possible and enjoyed all the “fun” activities too!! All three kids got so much out of the trip as well ( in their own way). Eric will never forget the jeep tour , the bullet factory and the tanks. We will send you some pictures soon so that you may be able to build a new website. I am feeling slightly jet lagged now since we just got home yesterday. Stay well. We look forward to planning our next trip with you in a few years (for Eric’s Bar Mitzvah).           Sharon, Brett, Danielle, Lauren and Eric Mehlman

Dear Nathan and Hanna Shapiro,
My family and I would like to thank you for the wonderful trip that you planned for us in Israel. Our accommodations were excellent. The hotels were all comfortable and they all had excellent food. We are officially all spoiled. As we have now returned home we are trying to figure out how we can make some of your good food here. My kids even like your food. I guess Israel really is the land of milk and honey. Also the hotel locations were very good.
I want to also thank you for inviting us to share a meal with your family on Shabbat. It really was a positive experience for my family to spend time with your family and in your home, especially on Shabbat. I really appreciated it.
Also we give our highest praise for Shooki’s professional job of being our tour guide. He went the extra mile, and along with you showed us the very best of Israel and its people.
Thank you for your friendship.
The Bengtsons: David, Sue, Emily, and Sarah

Dear Nathan and Hanna,
I just want to tell you what a great week we have had in Israel. Danny was an excellent host and guide, and he went above and beyond the call of duty to guide us. He was extremely knowledgeable and insightful, and not only showed us the popular sites, but also things the larger tour groups never see, and things we never would have found on our own, such as Abu Hassan’s Hummus in Tel Aviv, and the house of Simon the Tanner,the ancient Galilee Boat at the Yigal Alon Center, and the Wall tunnel tour, the walking tour of Jerusalem, and the Church of the Ascension, and Oskar Schindler’s grave, and too numerous to count other fascinting things.
Thank you for putting together this excellent tour. We especially loved the Kibbutz Kfar Blum and the Arthur Hotel.
Our thanks to you both and to Danny, once again.
Drew and Jackie

“Yuval was an outstanding guide for us. He connected with all of us, old and young. He knew all of the restaurants that had good food, good prices, and were popular with the locals. Because my wife has walking difficulties, Yuval gave her recommendations on whether she could participate in each activity or not, and often he was able to make changes that allowed her to participate.”

Dear Nathan, Thank you for organizing a most memorable trip for our family. Your expertise in choosing just the right spots for us to enjoy, learn and experience , was once again a huge success. We look forward to returning to Israel and seeing you soon.

We would strongly recommend Shatour if you are considering a family tour of Israel.

We are a family of four — two parents and two girls ages 11 and 13 — and we used Shatour this summer for our first-ever trip to Israel.  Shatour was very helpful in providing us with advice as we shaped our itinerary and made important choices about how we would spend our limited number of days in the country and in what order.  They also provided guidance on selecting hotels. Once we arrived, everything felt seamless and easy.  Each day came off as planned, and we were provided with the flexibility to make adjustments along the way.

Of our 14 full days on the ground, we spent 10 of them with our guide Lior.  For a majority of these days, we were with Lior not only all day but also into the evening.  He is one of the easiest people to be around that we have ever met, which was critical given all of the time that the 5 of us spent together.  He also has the patience of Job (biblical reference only kinda intended!), which is important when dealing with families.

In addition to being a pleasant and easy-going person, Lior is not just a knowledgeable guide but an archaeologist.  We had not considered this before signing up with Shatour, but having this kind of expertise in your guide is invaluable as you view sites that are thousands of years old, particularly if you are like us and want to understand the difference between historical facts and best guesses.

When it is time to say goodbye to Israel, Shatour even arranges for a company to help you at the airport with all of the security hurdles involved with your departure. This was a fantastic trip.

Paul Seltman and Jeanne Ireland

The trip you put together and the experience Lior provided was life changing.  Lior is a wealth of knowledge, extremely professional and  yet, he still became part of our mishpacha. His patience, warmth, teachings, and answers to our endless questions, gave us the experience we were looking for.  Lior helped deepen our connection to Israel and our resolve to support your amazing country.Hanna, the hospitality and responsiveness by you and Lior made us very comfortable.  Connecting us with Arnie and planning our vow renewal at Caesarea was a highlight for Mike and me.  We will treasure that evening.  We feel as though we not only have wonderful memories but also made new friends.
Sharna and Mike

Dear Shatour– We have arrived back to the US and want to express our deepest gratitude for the most amazing experience we just had in Israel.  The main reason for our wonderful trip was our guide Lior.  He was so patient, friendly, knowledgeable, funny and warm.  We felt like we were with a family member the whole time.  Lior’s knowledge about everything was very impressive.  The places he took us and the information he bestowed on us was truly unbelievable.  The restaurants he suggested were all great.  We tried all different foods and everything was delicious.  Liar got it right every time.  We so enjoyed meeting his family and spending some time with them.  They were a delight.