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Four New Attractions for Visitors to Jerusalem

Pilgrims from around the world have been visiting Jerusalem for many centuries, but this ancient city is constantly being modernized. Shatour is excited to show you four new and updated attractions in Jerusalem.

1. Start your Jerusalem Pilgrimage Here!

The Davidson Center tells the story of pilgrims visiting the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem in Biblical times. Closed for the past three years, this fascinating visitor’s center near Temple Mount has been renovated and updated with innovative technology and interactive galleries. The museum uses beautiful artwork to re-envision what the Temple looked like and how Biblical pilgrims experienced their visit to Jerusalem.

The William Davidson Center is located within the Jerusalem Archeological Park, where many of the ancient stones of the Temple can be seen. Its gallery exhibits include ancient artifacts dating back to the First Temple Period 2,700 years ago. These include coins minted by the last Hasmonean King of Judea, and other representations of the Temple Menorah dating back to Biblical times.

Ancient antiquities alongside interactive technology (photo: Emil Elgem, Israel Antiquities Authority)

2. Historic Jerusalem Citadel Updated

One of the most iconic buildings on the Jerusalem skyline is the Tower of David Museum. It was not actually built by King David, but it tells the story of the city that was! It is an ancient citadel, built and rebuilt by successive conquerors, and located near the Jaffa Gate of the Old City. It has recently been carefully remodeled to improve access for people using wheelchairs and strollers.

To make it even more accessible to visitors of all ages, the Tower of David Museum today offers 3D glasses to show how today’s city used to look.  It presents the city’s full story and explains Jerusalem’s importance in the development of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and how it was restored as the capital of modern Israel. 

This fascinating history is also presented against the walls of the Tower of David citadel during the Night Spectacular sound-and-light show. This outdoor multi-media show is one of the highlights of any visit to Jerusalem, bringing to life the kings and queens, conquerors and cultures, religions and people who lived here over 3,000 years.

3. Understanding Armenian History

Animated movie display by award-winning Israeli animator Ari Folman at the Tower of David Museum (photo: Oded Antman)

The Armenians are one of the most intriguing groups of people living in the Old City today, and their roots there go back to the 4th Century. They recently assembled a fascinating collection of mosaics, artworks and artefacts that illustrate their cultural history, and it is on display inside the Armenian Convent. The new Edward and Helen Mardigian Museum of Armenian Art and Culture opened in October 2022. If you have ever wondered how they came to inhabit one of the four Quarters of the Old City, a visit to this museum will answer all your questions.

Original mosaic at the new Museum of Armenian Art & Culture (photo: Shmuel Bar Am)

4. High-level Access to the Old City

Because the Old City of Jerusalem is one of the most popular tourist sites in the world, the municipal tourism authority has been working hard to make it more accessible to visitors. The city’s ancient structure, hilly location and important religious and historic status makes this a very challenging task. There are plans to build a cable car system to connect the old and new cities of Jerusalem across the Valley of Hinom that divides them. While the complex logistics for this plan are worked out, ingenious developers have built Israel’s longest Suspension Bridge across the Valley. The 202-meter-long hanging bridge is due to open in June 2023, giving fearless pedestrians access to Mount Zion. As the popular Jewish song says, the whole world is a very narrow bridge, and the most important thing is not to be afraid!

Jerusalem’s new Suspension Bridge (photo: City of David)

With so many new and updated attractions in Jerusalem, we urge you to add the city to your schedule for your next visit to Israel – whether it is your first or your twenty-first! Shatour has many more novel and exciting experiences to share with you in Jerusalem and throughout Israel. Contact us today!

(Top photo of interactive exhibits at the Tower of David by Ricky Rachman)

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