Mustafa Nabulsi plays an essential role in the work of Shatour Israel as the director of transportation. He runs a fleet of five buses and a 20-seater van for smaller groups. If you are lucky and Mustafa is your driver during your tour of Israel, you are in for a treat!


Mustafa lives in Bet Hanina, a suburb of Jerusalem, with his wife and five children. His father worked in the tourism industry, and his brother and his cousin are among his drivers. He hopes that his sons will also join the family business in due course.


Mustafa takes very seriously the responsibility of conducting groups of tourists around the Holy Land and he goes out of his way to make sure that everything runs smoothly. He works closely with Nathan and the Shatour itinerary planners and tour guides, checking in regularly to ensure that each of his vehicles and drivers is following the agreed itinerary and giving their passengers the best possible experience.


“My goal is to help every member of every tour group feel safe and comfortable throughout their visit to  Israel. I am responsible for their welfare not only when they are on my buses, but also when they are visiting historical sites. I often surprise them when they return to the bus with special refreshments and other treats that they do not expect, and I make a point of flying the flag of whichever nationality group is in my bus!”


Born and raised in Jerusalem, Mustafa loves every part of the Holy City. He enjoys bringing groups that are religious to visit the sites that are sacred to them, because he wants to share his love of the city with visitors of all cultures. He also enjoys touring in the North of Israel, driving through the lush green landscapes of the Golan Heights and the Galilee region.


Mustafa speaks fluent Arabic, English, Hebrew, and Russian, plus some Romanian and a little Spanish and Italian. He is currently learning Chinese so that he can converse with the increasing numbers of Chinese visitors that are flocking to Israel. Mustafa recently accompanied Nathan Shapiro on a trip to Chicago to meet potential clients at an international tourism fair, and he also spent a week with Nathan’s family in the United States.


“Family is important to me and I appreciate the value of working with another family business. I have worked with Nathan for 14 years and he treats me like a member of his family. Israel is special to all of us, and we are partners in our mission of showing visitors all the best aspects of this beautiful country.”

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