Watching cookery shows is fun, but learning to cook together with a top Israeli chef is even better!


That’s what our culinary tour participants tell us when they get together with top Israeli chefs Moshe Basson (Eucalyptus Restaurant) or Yaron Winkler (Alegra Boutique Hotel) for one of their exciting cooking workshops.

Shatour Cookery Demonstration

These top chefs know how to turn Israel’s seasonal produce into delicious gourmet meals, and they share their secrets with the participants in Shatour’s Culinary Tours of Israel.


The tour usually starts with a walk through one of Israel’s best street markets – Mahane Yehuda in Jerusalem or the Carmel, Levinsky or Sarona Markets in Tel Aviv. Yaron shows us how to pick out the best of the local produce, and how to get creative with whatever ingredients are in season at that time. Then we head to our demonstration kitchen and learn the secrets of turning those ingredients into a delicious meal. Everyone in the group is taught new kitchen skills, and at the end we all sit down to enjoy the meal that we have created together. We can also offer an outdoor cooking experience anywhere in Israel.


“Learning to cook together as a family can be a heart-warming and life-transforming experience”, explains Hanna Shapira, who organizes Shatour’s Israel culinary tours. “We see great interaction between the generations when they are working side by side, with opportunities to explore new tastes and to discuss their food preferences in a relaxed and fun environment. Food has always been a great way to bring people together, and exploring Israel’s rich food traditions is one of our favorite activities for family groups.”


Shatour runs gourmet culinary tours of Israel, showcasing in the best of the country’s New World wines, seasonal produce, and innovative cuisine. If your family and friends love good food and fine dining, we can help you to design a tour around Israel that feeds all your cravings. We also keep track of the best restaurants in each town, so we can recommend great places to enjoy every type of international cuisine in Israel.


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