For almost 40 years, Hanna Shapiro has worked with her husband Nathan at the helm of Shatour Israel, creating tailor-made luxury tours for incoming groups and families from all over the world. And she loves it!


Hanna was born in Brooklyn, New York, and moved to Jerusalem with her parents and siblings in 1962. Her father Sidney Feine z”l was one of the first American CPAs to move to Israel and set up shop helping other American Olim to complete their tax returns. Hanna attended the Evelina de Rothschild school and did her National Service on Kibbutz Ein HaNetziv. She met Nathan at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem where she studied Hebrew & English Literature and he was studying Middle Eastern History. They married when she was just 21.


Hanna worked for a number of non-profits in Jerusalem before joining the event planning team at the new International Convention Center (Binyanei HaUma). She went on to become Director of Events & Ceremonies at the Hebrew University, where she was responsible for looking after all their VIP visitors.

Family Business

As she took care of their growing family, joining Nathan in the family business was not just a career choice but also a commitment of love. She says: “Working together with the man you are married to is sometimes challenging, but we have built Shatour together as a family-oriented business, so it is an integral part of our family life!”


Two of their three children – Lior and Zivit – have followed suit, but their son Shanan prefers to run his own business – a wine bar and beer store in Jerusalem. Hanna understands why! “Running a family business is a full-time job, 24/7. We often carry on working when we get home, particularly if we need to speak to clients in the United States because of the time difference. It’s good for the business but challenging for our relationship! At least when Nathan is out with our clients I can have a little time to myself!”

Building Trip Itineraries

Hanna’s main role at Shatour is putting together trip itineraries for incoming groups. “It’s like assembling a number of complicated jigsaws, fitting in all the different places and activities that each group wants to enjoy.” The Shatour team makes a point of trying out all the activities that they recommend to their clients, but Hanna draws the line at Hot Air Ballooning. “Nathan can do that without me – I prefer to keep my feet on the ground!”


Hanna and Nathan love traveling the world and they make a point of attending travel fairs in countries that they have not previously visited as an excuse to explore new cities. In Israel, Hanna’s favorite place is Zichron Yaakov. If she were to take a day off (Nathan?!) she would want to spend time there with her family, including visiting the Rothschild Garden and the Binyamina Winery to enjoy a celebratory wine tasting!



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