Israeli farmers are using the latest agricultural technology to grow delicious fruits and vegetables in the desert. Join us on the Salad Trail to find out how.


The Salad Trail is a visitor attraction in the Northern Negev Desert where you can explore new developments in food production and taste the delicious results for yourself! Shatour offers this as part of our Culinary Tours of Israel, or as a family or group activity to fit into any Israel tour.


Salad Trail tours are led by agronomist Uri Alon and his team, who are experts in agricultural hi-tech. On their Moshav, Talmei Yosef, they have turned David Ben Gurion’s dream into a reality and made the desert bloom. In their greenhouses you can see the latest techniques for growing tomatoes, strawberries, and medicinal herbs. Discover the most amazing hanging-gardens of strawberries and see how much easier it is to pick the delicious fruit when they are high in the sky and not on the ground. You can also pick and taste different types of cherry tomatoes and multi-colored carrots that are being developed and exported around the world.


Learn about Israel’s pioneering biological engineering of helpful insects that eat harmful pests and help plants to grow in a healthy environment. They will also explain how the latest irrigation technologies can save water and increase food production.


Beyond the greenhouses, there are many activities for all the family, such as baking bread using traditional Bedouin methods, and exploring the maze of passion fruit bushes. Here is your chance to find out which fresh herbs are good for eating, and which have helpful medicinal applications. Another fun group activity is releasing homing pigeons to send messages using the world’s oldest communication system!


The Salad Trail tour is suitable for all the family and lasts between 2 – 3 hours, with some variations in different seasons. This is a great opportunity to explore how fruits and vegetables grow, and to pick the tastiest samples from each of the crops on offer. It guarantees a feast for all the senses, and a fascinating insight into Israeli agritech with professional tour guides who really know their onions!


Booking is essential, particularly if you require an English-speaking guides. Contact Shatour to find out how to add the Salad Trail into your next Israel tour.


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