Eilat is the perfect winter sun retreat – Israel’s Red Sea paradise, with a wealth of fascinating and exciting activities to enjoy.


Israel’s southern-most city sits on shores of the Red Sea and offers wonderful opportunities to enjoy its clear blue waters, whether surfing on the waves or deep beneath the sea!

Red Sea Yachting

Shatour invites its customers to enjoy exclusive Red Sea cruises on a beautifully equipped yacht. The captain can take you from the Eilat Marina to explore Aqaba Bay, Coral Island and Taba Heights, and find perfect locations for diving, snorkeling and all kinds of water activities, such as parasailing, windsurfing and banana boat rides. You can enjoy a barbecue lunch on board, and throughout the cruise you’ll have amazing views of the coastline, accompanied by professional explanations of the stunning sights around you.

Dolphin Reef

If you really love dolphins, don’t miss the opportunity to swim with these wonderfully friendly creatures at Dolphin Beach. You can sit and watch the playful groups of bottle-nosed dolphins as they frolic in the Red Sea waves, and you can swim alongside them, with professional guides to help you. Dolphin Reef is also home to beautiful tropical fish and exotic coral.

Eilat Observatory

Eilat’s Underwater Marine Observatory is one of the best in the region. This is one way to see the beautiful coral reef that runs along the coast of Eilat, to watch the turtles and stingrays, sharks and fish, as they swim through colorful gardens of precious coral in a protected environment.

Underwater Eilat

Undoubtedly the best way to get up close and personal with Eilat’s extraordinary sea creatures and underwater wildlife, is to take the plunge and dive into the Red Sea. There are a number of high quality diving schools in Eilat where you can train and qualify as a diver, or snorkel just beneath the surface with expert instructors. You can see some of the 10,000 different species of fish, corals and sponges that inhabit this National Park, and even take photos of this spectacular underwater world.


Whether you want to relax on a yacht, speed across the water on a surf board, or swim with the fish and the dolphins, Shatour can organize the perfect vacation for you in Israel’s Red Sea Paradise, any season of the year. Talk to us today.

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