Israel is a world leader in scientific innovation, in interactive education, and in keeping kids amused, so why not take advantage of all that combined expertise and visit one of Israel’s excellent science museums with your kids?


Israel’s cutting-edge technology expertise is on-show in these excellent interactive museums. They are designed with children in mind and they offer a thematic break from Israel’s history and geography. Whether your kids are into space, computers or dinosaurs, we can find something to keep them amused for a few hours, either indoors or outside.


The Israel National Museum of Science, Technology and Space, known as Madatech, is housed in the original Technion University building in Haifa. They have hands-on interactive activities for all ages, including their outdoor Energy Science Park, Virtual Reality Art Exhibition, and a Science Center for Toddlers.


The Bloomfield Science Museum in Jerusalem is designed to provide hours of fun for kids of all ages. The exhibits are all child-focused with explanations in English, Hebrew and Arabic. There are outdoor play-areas where kids can experiment with hands-on devices, and indoor exhibitions on a wide range of different themes. For example, their current special exhibition Fields of Tomorrow examines agritech developments with multi-sensory interactive displays about how food is grown and manufactured, while their CAPTCHA computer exhibition explores the history of computing and its future potential.



The Clore Garden of Science in Rehovot is part of the Weizmann Institute of Science. Located in the beautiful gardens of the Institute, it is an open air science museum that exposes children to basic scientific principles by encouraging them to play with the exhibits. Expect to spend many hours outdoors here with your kids entirely engrossed, so plan your visit around the weather and bring hats, water bottles and sunscreen!


The Carasso Science Park in Beersheva is a great way to escape the hot sun in southern Israel for a few hours of active learning with children of all ages. Their interactive exhibitions include Light and Sight, Sound and Hearing, Genetics, Nuclear Energy, Communication, Microchips and more.  They also have a schedule of science demonstrations, performances, big screen 3D movies, creative arts activities, festivals, science fairs and more.


Talk to Shatour’s itinerary planners about including some fun science-related activities into your Israel trip schedule.



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