Factory tours can be magical for kids who love seeing how familiar things are made. Come with us and find out the secrets behind many of Israel’s iconic brands.


Shatour tour guides have scouted the country and chosen their top 5 Israel factory tours for families.


One of our all-time favorite destinations in the Golan, the De-Karina Chocolate Factory invites all chocoholics to make your own gourmet chocolate treats! Adults and kids will enjoy this hands-on experience, and we challenge you not to walk away with a few boxes of (professionally) handmade chocolates after your visit to this amazing factory!


Michal Negrin’s jewelry designs are worn by Hollywood stars and recognizable all over the world, but it all started at the kitchen table of a modest kibbutz house. Visiting her impressive factory in Bat Yam, you will be inspired by Michal’s rags to riches story, and you can watch her team creating her iconic jewelry, home décor and fashion items.


Israel factory tourThe Tnuva Visitor’s Center in Rehovot is one of Israel’s largest dairy production facilities. Watch a multi-sensory presentation that follows the journey of fresh milk from the cow in the dairy, through the different factory processes, to the carton in your refrigerator, and see the factory in action. You can also taste some of Tnuva’s many dairy products.


Another iconic Israeli product is Bamba, the favorite peanut snack that Israeli kids love! The tour of the Bamba factory in Holon is only given in Hebrew, but you can see the entire production process, watch a 3D movie, and take home a souvenir bag of Bamba. Children should be 5 years or older and the tour is not recommended for anyone with peanut sensitivity.


The Coca-Cola Factory in Bnei Brak has a Sensory Center that is suitable for children over the age of 8. Of all the Coke factories in the world, this one is said to have the best visitor’s center, because it uses Israeli multi-media technology to tell the story of the iconic drink. It includes an activity park, a music room and a 3D ride, and you can also see the drink being bottled. Once you have worked up a thirst, you can taste the different flavors of Coke and decide which one is your favorite!


Other unique factories that you can only visit in Israel include Tefillin companies, the factory where Techelet dye is produced, a shofar factory, a scribe workshop where Torah scrolls, mezzuzot and Megillot are written, and small artists’ studios where original works of Judaica are created. We can also take you to a real bakery to bake Challot for Shabbat.


Whatever your interest, from food to jewelry to Judaica, talk to your Shatour travel advisors about including a factory tour in your next visit to Israel.

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