Israel has embraced the concept of Ecotourism and offers a wealth of green vacation options throughout the country, from mountain log cabin retreats to “glamping” tents in the desert.


Many of Israel’s luxury hotels today have environmentally friendly policies including recycling waste, reducing water and energy consumption. Alternatively, you can get one step closer to nature by staying in one of the many log cabins or zimmer bungalows that are scattered throughout the Golan and Galilee regions. These privately-owned accommodations are often attached to farms or kibbutzim located in beautiful rural locations. Many of their owners have set up sustainable features such as recycling water for garden irrigation, utilizing solar energy and composting waste. Food provided is usually locally grown and often organic.


Kibbutz Nir Oz in the Western Negev invites guests to visit their pioneering ecological gardening project. Since its establishment in the 1950s, the Kibbutz has dedicated its energies to creating a green water-wise oasis in harmony with the desert environment. They are experimenting with 900 plant species to test their ability to thrive on limited water, as part of an ecologically sound cultivation program to reduce water consumption and control the amount of dust in the air at minimal cost.


The Ramon Crater in the Negev Desert is Israel’s largest nature reserve. You can stay in this magical desert landscape and explore its unspoilt desert trails with jeep rides, rappelling, mountain biking or trekking. Perched on the rim of the Ramon Crater are some of the most stunning hotels in the world, including an ecological camp site called Desert Shade.  Its comfortable tents have been built with recycled materials and designed to regulate the interior temperature by working against the extreme weather fluctuations of the desert.


Israel offers many fascinating ecotourism attractions where you can learn more about eco-construction, sustainable agriculture, marine conservation and bird migration. Highlights include the Eilat Birds Festival in March, the Hula Valley Nature Reserve, the new Israel Aquarium in Jerusalem, and many wonderful nature reserves around the country. Come and see indigenous wildlife in its natural habitat, visit exciting environmental projects, and explore our green and pleasant land!


Shatour Israel Tours is happy to organize your eco-friendly tour of Israel and arrange whatever type of accommodations you prefer – from glamping in tents, to luxury boutique hotels. Find out more on our website.