Morocco is one of the most popular travel destinations for intrepid tourists looking for wonderful experiences and luxurious facilities at a reasonable price. Shatour’s partnership with an expert Morocco Jewish tour guide allows you to book a fascinating combined visit to Israel and Morocco.


Morocco is a Middle Eastern country which treasures its rich Jewish heritage and welcomes Jewish visitors. Located on the north-west tip of Africa, just across from Spain, it combines the best aspects of European, Arabic and African cultures. It is a land of stunning contrasts, from the beautiful green landscapes of its Atlantic Coast, to the snow-capped Atlas Mountains, and the arid expanses of the Sahara Desert. Wherever you travel, you will be overwhelmed by its diverse and exciting views.


Shatour offers you the opportunity to combine a trip to Morocco with a visit to Israel, either choosing to travel to Israel and then continuing to Morocco and then home, or starting in Morocco and then flying to Israel. Groups of any size can book a private tour, whether family or friends.


Simon SkiraOur travel advisor and expert tour guide in Morocco is Simon Skira, who has been running exclusive guided tours and sharing his unparalleled knowledge of the country’s rich culture and the history of its Jewish community for almost 20 years. He is fluent in Arabic, French and English, and he has been recognized by the French government for his important research on the history of the Jews of Morocco during the years 1948-1968.


Simon has a deep understanding of the fascinating history of Morocco and a strong affinity for the many cultural treasures that are open to visitors to explore. He loves guiding groups around the Souk and helping them negotiate great bargains with the artisans and stall holders.


We recommend combining your next visit to Israel with a 6-day tour of Morocco, including the highlights of Morocco’s rich cultural heritage in the cities of Marrakech, Casablanca, Fez and Rabat, including their synagogues and historic Jewish Mellahs. We will show you the most famous aspects of this fascinating country, including:

  • Royal Palaces – every dynasty of Morocco’s royal rulers has built impressive stone palaces, reflecting the diverse architectural styles of each historical era.
  • Arabian Souks – enjoy shopping for beautiful treasures and haggling with the artisans for their handmade leather goods, carpets, rugs, and kelims.
  • Medinas are the walled medieval quarters found within many Moroccan cities, featuring a maze of streets lined with open markets and shops.
  • Jewish Mellahs are the old Jewish quarters where Moroccan Jewish communities were confined, with their own synagogues, cemeteries, gardens and souks.
  • Moroccan Food – enjoy eating and learning to cook rich meat tagines with couscous; tasty salads of eggplant, tomatoes and peppers; harira soup, pastille meat pies, and green tea with mint leaves.
  • Moroccan Culture – experience the warm hospitality and old-world charm of a traditional culture, and enjoy watching exotic performances by acrobats and snake charmers in the bazaar.
  • Luxurious Hotels – we organize five-star accommodation in stunning hotels, including the Tombouctou in Merzouga, the Berbere Palace in Ouarzazate, the Kenzi Menara Palace in Marrakech, and the Grand Mogador in Casablanca.

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Whatever your interests and travel preferences, talk to Shatour about customizing a wonderful combined Israel-Morocco vacation for your enjoyment and comfort.









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