There is probably no better way to experience Israel’s fabulous and diverse countryside than on horseback, closer to nature, face to face with the wildlife, and feeling like you are part of the landscape!


Horseback riding in Israel allows you to see Israel as your ancestors saw it, throughout the centuries when horses were the main mode of transport. From atop a horse you can see much more than you can from the back of a van or bus. You can appreciate the spectacular geography of Israel while enjoying a leisurely trek without exerting yourself, because your ride does all the work.

Family Fun on Horseback

Horseback riding is an accessible activity for all the family. There are great farms and ranches all over the country, from Mount Hermon in the North to the Ramon Crater in the south. Their horses are gentle and well-trained so anyone can ride. No prior horseback riding experience is necessary. Helmets and safety training are provided for every rider, and you can rest assured that Shatour Israel only works with horse farms that have the highest standards of safety and animal welfare.


Imagine riding through the Mediterranean waves along the beach in Netanya. When touring in the area, we love to include a horseback riding activity at sunset – it’s a fun adventure for all and not too challenging for first-time riders.


Many horse ranches in Israel provide therapeutic riding classes for children with special needs, so they train their horses to be kind and gentle. Riding has been shown to build courage and confidence among those who are nervous to take risks and try new activities. Once everyone has got the hang of it, even novice riders can enjoy a gentle rid through the countryside, exploring beautiful routes through the green landscapes of the Galilee and Golan, or the more challenging rocky landscapes of the Negev and the Judean Desert.

Equestrian Sports in Israel

Equestrian sports are relatively new in Israel and mostly came about through the participation of injured and disabled people in competitive horseback riding. Therapeutic riding, which uses exercises on horseback to improve various physical conditions and for rehabilitation following an injury, is even subsidized by the Israeli health system. As a result of the popularity of this therapy, Israel today has teams competing in Paralympic events all over the world, although for logistical and funding reasons they mostly live and train in Europe.


If you are interested in a horseback riding activity in Israel during your next trip, contact Shatour Israel and we will incorporate it into your itinerary.


Photo credit: Oren Peles

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