What is so special about the Dead Sea that makes it one of Israel’s most visited sites? Floating in its extremely salty waters is a unique experience!


Tourists from all over the world flock to the lowest point on earth – 430.5 meters below sea level -to dip their toes in this extraordinary sea and to float in its super-salty water. Dead Sea water is ten times saltier than other sea water, which is why it is difficult to swim and easy to float in. It contains 26 beneficial minerals, and its black mud provides relief for many different skin problems.


The air around the Dead Sea is particularly pure with minimal allergens, and the sunlight is safer for tanning, because the sun’s dangerous ultraviolet rays are filtered out by the atmosphere. There is a unique light in the area that illuminates the surrounding desert mountain scenery on the Israeli and Jordanian coasts – it’s a great place for photography.


dead sea mudThe Dead Sea is shrinking visibly year on year as the water in this unique land-locked lake is evaporating at an alarming rate. This is partly due to the evaporation of the water in this arid region, but also because of exploitation of its natural resources by the Dead Sea chemicals factories. There are many brands of Dead Sea cosmetics based on the minerals found in its water and mud, but there is no substitute for the experience of smothering yourself in the mud and enjoying its skin cleansing effects!

Recommendations for visiting the Dead Sea:

  1. Bring a bathing suit for floating in the sea and covering yourself with mud, and make sure to get photos of yourself enjoying these bucket-list experiences!
  2. Do not enter the water if you have cuts on your skin, or if you have high blood pressure.
  3. The beaches are rocky – bring waterproof sandals or protective shoes.
  4. Avoid getting Dead Sea water or mud in your eyes and mouth.
  5. Take advantage of the sulphur spas and Dead Sea mud treatments.
  6. Wear a hat, put on sunblock, and drink lots of water – it’s hotter than you think here!

The Dead Sea is an hour’s drive from Jerusalem, and it can be visited together with the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve and Masada. Alternatively, there are spas and hotels at Ein Bokek where you can take time out to really relax and enjoy the tranquility and the healing effects of the Dead Sea environment.


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