If you have ever visited Israel, you will know what a diverse country it is. From the lush green Galilee region in the North to the desert landscapes in the South, and from Tel Aviv’s European vibe to Jerusalem’s ancient charms, it is a country with many different faces.


When people first visit Israel they feel obligated to travel everywhere and visit all the important historical and religious landmarks. Because it’s a small country you can sunbathe on the beach in Eilat and ski on Mount Hermon on the same day! The landscape changes when you drive for 30 minutes – keep watching and it will change again! Don’t compare Israel’s Mediterranean beaches with the Dead Sea or the Sea of Galilee – they have almost nothing in common.


Then there’s the timeline – from ancient archaeology to modern metropolis, and every historical era in between. You can still see camels, goats and donkeys walking in the fields, while hi-tech trains whizz past contemporary skyscrapers. The technology and the history exist side by side – you may find it hard to remember which century you are in!


So what is the best way to appreciate Israel’s remarkable diversity? Shatour’s expert seasoned guides recommend organizing your visit to explore one area at a time. Take a few days to explore the Galilee countryside, understanding the Biblical history that happened here and appreciating the unspoilt landscapes. Spend a week in Jerusalem, getting a grip on the many layers of history that are found in its limestone walls and beneath its cobbled streets. Or choose an upbeat visit to Tel Aviv – the city that never sleeps – to enjoy its metropolitan culture, clubbing scene, Bauhaus architecture and modern art museums.


Our advice is not to limit yourself to one visit to this extraordinary country, but come a few times and explore different aspects each time. We can organize culinary and wine tours to enjoy the region’s fabulous wines and eclectic cuisine. A cycling tour will take you closer to nature and Israel’s dramatic desert scenery. Depending whether you want a city break or a countryside excursion, we can plan the ideal vacation.


Talk to Shatour Israel about the many faces of Israel and which aspect you would like your visit to focus on. Our expert guides will be happy to put together a bespoke itinerary to suit your interests. Contact us today.

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