The charming city of Jaffa contrasts with the bustling modern city of Tel Aviv that it borders. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore this magical city with Shatour – we will show you its hidden treasures.


We love guiding guests around the little city of Jaffa because there are surprises around every corner. Most of the city is closed to cars, making it even more pleasurable to explore. Between its historic stone buildings, mosques and churches are alleyways and courtyards decorated with fascinating sculptures, such as the hanging orange tree and Ramses arch. That’s because Jaffa is a city beloved by artists, who have created unique artworks to enhance its beauty.


We can show you some of the innovative artists’ studios and introduce you to leading figures in Israel’s contemporary arts scene. There are also beautiful modern Judaica galleries to help you find presents for special occasions and loved ones.


Another popular feature of Jaffa is its Flea Market, crowded with antique stalls selling every imaginable trinket. From furniture to jewellery, vintage records and clothing, you will be amazed by the variety of old and recovered objects on sale here, reflecting Israel’s diverse international history.


Seafood restaurants abound in Jaffa because it is still an active fishing harbor. It is one of Israel’s oldest ports. Pilgrims have embarked here for centuries, and you can still see horse-drawn wagons helping to unload the boats and carry their cargoes through Jaffa’s narrow cobbled streets.


Jaffa has a new gourmet food market and a wide variety of wonderful cafés and restaurants, many of which reflect the city’s Arabic culture. However, if we only have time for one meal, we would take you to Dr. Shakshuka, the doyen of this iconic Israeli dish and star of many Middle Eastern cooking shows! His food is literally a feast for the eyes and the palate, and watching him at work in the kitchens with his pans of sizzling sauces will leave you open-mouthed and salivating.


Have we whetted your appetite for a tour of Jaffa? If not, check out this Shatour touring video that we made to show you more of this charming city’s hidden delights. Contact Shatour if you would like to include Jaffa in your customized tour of Israel.

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