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Driving Through Israel

Driving through Israel, the views from the windows of your vehicle change constantly. Contemporary skyscrapers give way to Biblical landscapes, mountains and deserts.

Israel is a small country with an incredible diversity of views – the scenery changes rapidly as you drive from place to place. In the North it is incredibly green and lush for most of the year, while in the South the desert landscapes range from sand dunes to rugged mountains. Israel’s cities are also very diverse – some built rapidly in the years when the country was trying to absorb millions of new immigrants, and some developed recently using the latest building techniques for stunning glass towers.

In Israel’s more rural areas you can often spot wildlife near to the roads. In the south you can see  camels and sometimes ostriches, and it is not uncommon to come across goats being herded along the road, or horses or donkeys either grazing or helping farmers with their work. Travelling south of Jerusalem, you may feel that you are travelling back to biblical times, because the same traditional farming methods are still visible here. Look out for flocks of birds – local species and migrating hordes – and birds of prey such as falcons and eagles soaring high on the thermal breezes.

Agriculture in Israel is also visible from the road. In Golan Hills and the Judean Hills you can see hills covered with row upon row of grape vines, and in Israel’s fertile valleys you can sometimes spot melons and pumpkins growing in the fields. Israel’s famous Jaffa oranges, and all kinds of citrus fruits, dot the orchards throughout the country and particularly near Ben Gurion Airport, where the smell of citrus blossom in the spring is the best reason to wind down your windows and inhale deeply.

The best way to enjoy traveling through Israel is with a professional tour guide driver in one of Shatour’s comfortable air-conditioned touring vehicles. Not only does that allow everyone in your group to relax and enjoy the view, but it also takes away all the stress of navigating on Israel’s complex road system and finding parking. Your driver-guide will be able to point out sights that you may have missed, such as the ruins of buildings from centuries past or rare geological features, and explain to you and your group about the history of the area. Your kids may even be willing to look up from their phones and out of the windows, if only to try to capture some of the amazing sights on their phone cameras as you drive past!

Shatour invites you to take a drive through Israel with one of our expert tour guides, and discover the many wonderful views and features of Israel’s amazing landscapes.

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