Combine a fascinating tour of the world’s largest Diamond Exchange with a visit to a boutique winery for the ultimate romantic date involving fine wines and stunning diamonds in Israel.

Imagine walking through rooms full of diamonds that you can touch and hold up to the light! These sparkling gems never lose their lustre, and if you like gemstones and jewellery, a visit to Israel’s Diamond Exchange in Ramat Gan is a must. Once you get past the tight security requirements (you will need your passport to visit), you will be admitted to the magical and secretive world of wholesale diamond trading.

Diamond Exchange Tour


On a tour of the Israel Diamond Exchange, you can learn about the history and science behind the cutting of premium diamonds, and meet the designers of beautiful classic and contemporary jewellery. Much of the industry is unchanged, using the same painstaking cutting and polishing techniques that Jewish immigrants brought to Israel from the workshops of Europe. But other aspects of the business use extremely innovative hi-tech equipment to scan and code individual diamonds, checking their authenticity and marking them with almost invisible identity markings.


Shatour can organize an exclusive tour of the Diamond Bourse that includes an explanation of the 4 C’s – the universal criteria that determine the value of the world’s most precious stones. We can take you to an elite boutique in the Diamond Exchange where you will have the chance to see and try on beautiful diamond jewellery and purchase one-of-a-kind pieces at wholesale prices.

Romantic Wine and Diamonds Tour

If you are visiting Israel to celebrate an engagement, anniversary or special birthday, why not set a romantic itinerary for yourself and your significant other to enjoy and to remember forever. The unique combination of fine Israeli wines and flawless diamonds makes for the ultimate romantic date!


Shatour will organize for you to travel in style to the Benhaim Winery, one of Israel’s top boutique wineries with a family tradition of making handcrafted wines since 1932. You will be invited to taste their wines with some delicious Israeli cheese, and take away two bottles from their vintage collection.


Next, you will be driven to Israel’s legendary Diamond Exchange in Ramat Gan. After ascending the tower for great views of Gush Dan, you will hear about the history of the Israeli diamond industry, visit a diamond cutting and polishing studio, and tour the world’s largest diamond bourse. Your private guide will be a third-generation diamond cutter and jewellery designer, who will invite you to buy beautiful jewellery at direct-from-the-manufacturer prices.


We will wrap up this romantic tour at sunset on a Tel Aviv rooftop or in the Old City of Jaffa, drinking a glass of chilled Benhaim wine, to create lasting memories of your special occasion in Israel.



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