In 2018 Purim falls on March 1, which is still officially winter, but that will not stop the outdoor celebrations!


For anyone who associates Purim with triangular cookies and being forced to wear embarrassing costumes as a kid, Purim in Israel will blow your mind! It is a nationwide festival celebrated universally by religious and secular Israelis, and by people of all ages.

Purim Celebrations in Israel

Costumes are ubiquitous in the stores and malls, and the kids start dressing up several days before Purim for school celebrations. Teachers dress up too, and there is no limit to the silliness of the costumes. You may want to have your camera ready to capture the most imaginative creations.


On the evening of Purim there are public readings of the Book of Esther, followed by noisy parties late into the night. The following morning, many cities host elaborate carnival parades. Organizations send themed floats, and there are performances of music and dancing by groups of adults and children who have rehearsed for months in advance. The biggest Adeloyada Parades take place in Tel Aviv and Holon and last for several hours.


Jerusalem celebrates Purim the day after the rest of the country – on March 2, 2018 – which allows many people to celebrate twice, with a double hangover on day three!

Purim Customs in Israel

Triangular Hamentashen biscuits are traditionally eaten on Purim, but the main food tradition is to give packages of all kinds of delicious edible treats to friends and strangers alike. There is also a tradition to give charity to the poor, and to invite friends to your home for a feast. It’s a festival of food and fun, alcohol and costume parties, with a truly infectious atmosphere.


So, whether you are lucky enough to be in Israel for Purim, or celebrating anywhere else in the world, Shatour Israel wishes you Happy Purim – Purim Sameach!


P.S. If this sounds fun, why not book ahead for Purim 2019 which will fall on Wednesday March 20 – Thursday March 21, 2019.