“Will my kids enjoy Israel? Is there anything for them to do? Will they like the food?” These are the questions that the Shatour Israel tour organizers hear from families who are planning to bring their kids to Israel, and the answer is Yes, Yes, Yes!

Fun for Kids in Israel

Israel is one of the most child-friendly countries, because Israelis love and indulge their children. It is impossible for your kids to make too much noise here! Most restaurants are kitted out with high-chairs, coloring kits or tablets for kids to play on, and kids’ menus featuring their favorite foods from home.


Israel has one of the highest birth rates in the Middle East, way higher than other developed countries, with 3.1 births per mother. That means that you will see lots of pregnant women and lots of children in the shopping malls, in the parks, on the beaches, and almost everywhere you go. Because Israel has an outdoor culture and most homes are small, kids still play outside, and most of its parks are equipped with great play equipment.

Activities for Kids in Israel

Activities for kids range from physical attractions – like climbing walls, trampolining centers and water parks – to interactive museums. The new Israel Aquarium opened recently in Jerusalem, next to the ever-popular Jerusalem Biblical Zoo. Highlights in the North of the country include the De Karina Chocolate Factory, where kids can literally get their hands and faces dirty with delicious chocolate-making activities.


Unknown to most tourists, the Sharonim Mall in Hod HaSharon has playgrounds and cafes designed for little kids, with a MiniCity activity center and a splash pool. The Children’s Museum in Holon has story trails for children aged 2 and upwards, and thought-provoking exhibitions for the 9+ age group, exploring the world as experienced  by sight-impaired and deaf people. Israel also has three great child-focused science museums – in Haifa (MadaTech), Rechovot (in the gardens of the Weizman institute) and the Bloomfield Science Museum in Jerusalem.

Introducing your Kids to Israel

To introduce your children to the history of Israel, check out the Ayalon Institute near Rechovot, which was a secret ammunition factory used during the British Mandate period.  Jerusalem’s Tower of David Museum has interesting static and dynamic history exhibits, and kids enjoy exploring the medieval citadel in which it is located. Many of Israel’s other museums and art galleries have special children’s activities in the school holidays and during Passover and Succot.


Throughout the long, hot summer vacations, there are extra activities organized for children. In Jerusalem, the Teddy Fountain Park (pictured here) is a popular place for families to cool off after a day of shopping or touring the city. Because Jerusalem is so far from the coast, the city usually sets up a fake sandy beach in First Station during August.


Talk to Shatour Israel about organizing your family visit to Israel to include age-appropriate activities for your kids. We promise that you will be spoiled for choice!

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