Great activities make for amazing photos and life-long memories! One of our most popular family and group activities in Northern Israel is the Kfar Kedem Biblical Experience in the Galilee.


Travel back in time to Biblical days and discover how people lived and worked, travelled and ate all those centuries ago. Kfar Kedem has created a hands-on activity center that demonstrates how complex the simple Biblical life actually was.


First you have to look the part. Every visitor gets to dress up in authentic woven clothes and learn to tie on a headscarf to keep the sun off your head. Then you are ready to ride a donkey through the scenic Galilee hills – not as easy as it sounds! Luckily they have a team of well-trained, docile donkeys for visitors to ride – you may even make a new friend!


You will never forget the life-skills that you learn in Kfar Kedem! Shearing a sheep and spinning the wool into thread, milking the goats and making fresh cheese, kneading the dough to bake bread, pressing olives to make oil, and treading grapes to make wine. Families of all ages and groups of all sizes enjoy these activities, engaging in team work, and learning that there is a right way and a wrong way to do any seemingly simple task!


Our favorite activity is sending messages by Pmail! Forget email and telephones – if you wanted to send a message during Biblical times you had to send it via pigeon. Every group that visits Kfar Kedem learns how this ancient communication system worked, and they get to release a homing pigeon. Later they will find out if their message arrived safely.


This Biblical activity center also makes a great venue for a really memorable Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah celebration. You can either dine in the shepherd’s tent or their larger venue, for up to 250 guests, with kosher food and entertainment as well as activities for all ages.


Kfar Kedem is just one of the Biblical Experience venues that we recommend – there are others near Jerusalem and in the desert. Talk to Shatour about including a themed activity day during your visit to Israel.

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